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September Sweet Box
September Sweet Box
September Sweet Box
September Sweet Box

September Sweet Box

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During the month of September you can order this delicious box of hand selected and created baking. This is the perfect gift, ideal to have on hand for visitors or meetings - just pop it on a plate and call it your own (I won’t tell), or a pick me up at this busy and full on time of the year! Great if you love baking but just can’t find the time or if you just don’t like baking. 

This months box of treats includes;


2 x large pieces of Nutella brownie (gf) - rich chocolate brownie with a delicious layer of Nutella sandwiched in the middle (contains: nuts, egg, dairy)

4 x pieces lemon curd slice - zingy lemon curd baked on top of a chewy almond base (contains: gluten, nuts, egg, dairy)

4 x melting moments (gf) - classic melting moments filled with a tangy passionfruit honey buttercream  (Contains: egg, dairy. May contain: nuts)

Disclaimer: while due care is taken when baking gluten free items, cross-contamination is always possible. During delivery the gluten free items and the gluten containing items will be touching. Please keep this in mind when consuming these items if you have allergies.

These boxes can be shipped throughout NZ. They will be sent via courier every Wednesday of September and generally arrive overnight however it may take up to 3 days.

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